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Women Build 2017

Ponytail Power
Ponytail Power

Ponytail Power

 ‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,’ Helen Keller.

We all know the incredible power of women. We know that women can set the bar high and then leap right over that bar! With such busy lives it is often a challenge to allocate enough time to help those in need, and to feel that the time is going to make a difference.  

Did you know that women have been the driving force behind the construction of Habitat for Humanity homes around the world? From Canada to Kenya, the U.S. to the U.K., women have joined forces to change the lives of deserving families in need of a ‘hand up’. Through our unique Women Build Campaign, Habitat for Humanity harnesses the power of women to help build homes for hardworking, low-income families. 

Ponytail Power has selected to work with Habitat for Humanity to not only give back financially but also with a time and sweat investment, together increasing our power! Through exclusive women-only build days, we have the gratifying experience of getting out on a job site and to help with a variety of construction duties. Every event we come away having learned new skills and feeling proud of our accomplishments. 

So we need your help to pick up a hammer and volunteer with this amazing group of powerful passionate women and to help raise funds. Both volunteers and donations as important- here is a list of what we may work on and the costs to get it sone:

  • $5,000 will pay for an insulated roof and walls so that a family will literally have a roof over their heads
  • $4,000 will pay for excavation and footings which will ensure a firm foundation for this home
  • $3,000 will purchase kitchen cabinets for after school snacks and dinner dishes
  • $2,500 will purchase drywall to provide a place where family photos and children’s artwork can soon hang
  • $1,500 will purchase a furnace with water heater so children can play in a warm bubble bath
  • $1,200 will purchase a fridge and stove to provide hot meals
  • $1,000 will purchase flooring to allow toy cars to race across the floor
  • $600 will pay for landscaping to allow green grass to cushion cartwheels and somersaults
  • $500 will purchase interior paint to provide warm colours to brighten rooms
  • $250 will purchase a window to open and let the fresh air in
  • $100 will buy wall insulation for an entire room to keep out the summer heat and winter cold
  • $75 will purchase an interior door to allow children to do homework in the quiet of their own room

On Friday Sept 29m 2017, when laying a floor, framing a door or lifting a wall in to place, we need to remember that this powerful group of ladies will raise enough to purchase everything from the list above for not only one but potentially two or three homes with a few thousand to spare!!!!!

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