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When is Women Build 2017?

You will have all summer to fundraise but you will build on the day of your choice between September 20-23 and 27-29.

Where is Women Build 2017?

Women Build 2017 will take place at our Pinery Trail build site (140 Pinery Trail, Toronto, ON, M1B 6C1). This build site is located in the Toronto region (Scarborough) and we will be building 50 stacked townhomes our largest build project to date.

Why is Women Build important?

In one of Canada’s most affluent regions, it’s shocking to learn that one in five Greater Toronto Area families live in poverty.

Poverty negatively impacts our whole community, but it is our youth who suffer the most. According to Social Planning Toronto, one in three Toronto children under the age of 15 lives in poverty. Many of these children are living in ‘poverty-housing’ overcrowded and unsafe. The physical and mental health implications of living in damp, dilapidated and dangerous accommodation are well-documented. Children in overcrowded or unfit accommodations are 30% more likely than other children to suffer respiratory problems such as breathing difficulties, asthma and bronchitis. They are also more likely to experience disturbed sleep, poor diet, anxiety, depression and behavioral problems. Bad housing affects children’s ability to learn at school or study at home, leading to lower academic achievements. Without doubt, poor housing can have a catastrophic impact on a child’s health, education and future opportunities.

Women need not wait for others to address substandard housing issues. They have the capability and determination to be part of the solution, one family at a time.

Where do the funds go?

100% of the funds raised go directly to building affordable homes in the Greater Toronto Area. Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area’s ten ReStores help cover our administrative and fundraising costs. If you prefer, you can choose to direct your funds to the area of greatest need or the region of your choice (Toronto, Brampton, or York Region).

Is there a minimum age?

Yes. Children and youth younger than 16 can assist with fundraising efforts, however, participants must be 16 years or older to volunteer on the build site. If you are under the age of 18 you must obtain parental or legal guardian consent before completing the online application. Also, a parent or guardian must be present to electronically consent to the terms and conditions.

What are we building?

We will be building stacked townhouses at our Pinery Trail build site.

Do I need construction expertise or experience?

No. You do not require construction experience to participate. We will provide you with all the safety gear, tools and know-how you will need. Our talented volunteer Crew Leaders will show you the ropes.

Do I need my own equipment?

No. We will provide you with a hardhat, boots, tool belt, gloves, safety glasses and tools.

What should I wear?

Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area builds in rain, snow or shine so dress for the weather and wear layers that you can add/remove. Loose, comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty is recommended, as are extra socks to ensure your boots fit well. In the summer, sunscreen is recommended and it is a good idea to wear long pants to minimize splinters and scrapes. Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area provides hard hats, boots and gloves.

Does Women Build exclude men?

Women Build is not about excluding men; it’s about including women. Women Build projects provide a comfortable atmosphere for women to acquire construction skills they might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn. Women Build also provides an opportunity for networking while raising empowerment and community spirit.

The men in your life can support your efforts by sponsoring you, assisting with fundraising efforts, or volunteering as Events Assistants during the build. Though all of the participants will be women, we will have the assistance of some regular male Crew Leaders on the build site.


I’m ready to sign up! What do I do?

On the Women Build website (www.womenbuildgta.ca), click the “Sign Up” button at the top right of the page. On the next page, choose your build day and then click “Next” at the bottom. You will be guided through the registration process. During this process, you will be invited to join a team, set up a team, or build as an individual. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email confirming your participation.

Do I need to register again if I participated last year?

Yes, you do need to register again for the 2016 Women Build. However, if you filled out an online application last year, you can sign up with the same username and password to simplify the process.

Why is there a registration fee?

Women Build assists Habitat for Humanity in raising thousands of dollars toward realizing our vision of a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. There are costs associated with staging an event on this scale to raise that money. The registration fee helps cover the costs associated to the event so that we contribute as much of the money raised by participants as possible to the cause. Registration fees are used to cover event expenses such as t-shirts, tents, food, safety gear, website administration, data processing, etc. 100% of the money you fundraise will go towards homebuilding.

Are registration fees refundable? Can they be transferred to another participant?

No. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. This helps us reduce administrative and donation processing costs to our organization.

Do registration fees apply towards the fundraising minimum?

No. Registration fee pays for the support you will receive prior and during the event. This helps to ensure that 100% of all funds raised by you will go directly towards our mission.

Are registration fees tax receiptable?

No. General donations cannot be converted to registration fees and registration fees cannot be applied towards fundraising commitments. This helps us reduce administrative and donation processing costs.

Do I have to pay a registration fee if my company or organization is sponsoring the event?

No. As a sponsor of the event, a certain number of build spots have been allocated to your company or organization. This includes the registration fee and minimum fundraising commitment. Check with your team lead for availability and registration instructions.

Can youth volunteer at the build?

Children and youth younger than 16 can assist with fundraising efforts, however, participants must be 16 years or older to volunteer on the build site. If you are under the age of 18 please obtain parental or legal guardian consent before completing this online application. Your parent or guardian must be present to electronically consent to the terms and conditions

How do I set up a team?

First, register yourself. During the registration, you will have the opportunity to setup a team, join a team or build as an individual. If you choose to set up a team, you will be the Team Captain. Next, reach out to friends, colleagues and family, asking them to join you. If you want to build together, be sure to let them know which day you chose. Build shifts may fill up quickly, so ask your teammates to register right away!

My company has created an alliance. How can my team join?

If your company or organization has created an alliance, your team can join and fundraising totals will be added together under the company or organization name (i.e. Marketing Department vs. Finance Department at XYZ Company can fundraise as separate teams under one XYZ Company total). To join an alliance, register yourself on your preferred build day and choose “Create a Team”. Once you have created a team, you can choose to join an alliance. Select your alliance from the list and click “Next” to continue the registration process.

Note: To register as part of an alliance, your company/organization must create an alliance first before you create a team. Please contact us at womenbuild@habitatgta.ca or 416-755-7353 x 233 for more information.

Can people from the same team build on different days?

Yes. People can fundraise toward the same team goal, but choose to build on different days. Choosing your build day is part of the registration process. If you would like to build with your team, be sure to find out the preferred day from your Team Captain. If you would like to build on a different day, simply choose your preferred day from the available shifts.

Can I bring a friend with me?

Yes. We invite all women over the age of 16 to participate. However, all volunteer builders are required to pay the registration fee independently and raise $500.

Can I volunteer as part of a group?

Yes. You can set up a team and encourage your friends or group to register online. You are not required to build together, but if you want to, ensure that they choose the same build shift as you. If you have a group larger than 10 people, contact us at womenbuild@habitatgta.ca to reserve spots for up to two weeks.

What is the minimum or maximum number of people per team?

The minimum number of people on a team is 2. The maximum is 15. For groups over 15, you can create two (or more) teams and join all teams together as an alliance. Please note that space is limited and offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. As space fills up, your chances of building on the same day decrease; so sign up quickly!

Can I sign up for more than one build day?

We love your enthusiasm! But unfortunately, our fundraising goal depends on one build day per person. In past years we have ‘sold out’ and had a waiting list, and so we cannot offer more than one build day per person.

Can I reserve build shifts?

Yes. Reservations are made on a first-come-first-serve basis. To make a reservation, please contact us at womenbuild@habitatgta.ca. Reservations will be held for 2 weeks after which all remaining build shifts will be released.

Can I change my build day after I register?

We encourage you to think carefully about your build day before signing up. Build shifts fill up quickly, and so there is a good chance we will be unable to change your day after you have registered.

Can I build another day, outside of the Women Build event?

Yes, you can build as a regular volunteer by signing up through our Volunteer Scheduler. Visit http://buildsite.habitatgta.volunteerhub.com/events/index and choose a date, select a location, and click “Sign Up”.


What is the fundraising commitment?

The minimum fundraising commitment is $500.

Why do I have to fundraise?

Each participant is asked to contribute or fundraise a minimum of $500 (or $500 per person average for teams) and many go beyond that. This money is urgently needed to continue building decent and affordable houses in the Greater Toronto Area. If you have never fundraised, it may seem daunting. But don’t worry. Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area offers personalized online fundraising pages, helpful tips, templates and incentive prizing to make it easy.

How will I raise the $500 minimum?

Women Build participants can do that and more. We have helped thousands of women raise more than $4 million for our organization and we’re here to help. Email us at womenbuild@habitatgta.ca or visit the ‘Resources’ page on our website (www.womenbuildgta.ca) for ideas and tips.

Do we accept donations online?

Yes. It’s easy with our secure online credit card process. Go to our website (www.womenbuildgta.ca) and click the ‘Donate Now’ button at the top or search for the participant you wish to donate to (bottom left). Choose a donation amount and follow the instructions. Donors will receive a tax receipt via email.

Do we accept donations by mail?

Yes. Go to womenbuild@habitatgta.ca and go to the ‘Resources’ section to download and print out the donation form. Mail this form in with your donation cheque. Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area’s mailing address is on the form. Please do not mail cash. You can also get a donation form by emailing us at womenbuild@habitatgta.ca or calling 416-755-7353 x 233. Donors will receive a receipt by email if their form includes a valid email address, or by mail if not.

Is there a minimum donation amount?

No. There is no minimum donation amount; however, only donations over $20 will be eligible for a tax receipt. This helps us reduce our administrative and data processing costs.

Can I collect cash and cheque donations?

Yes. This is a great way to gain support from the people you see in person at work, school, social clubs and more. If you collect cheques or cash donations, simply record their contact and gift information on the Pledge Form found under the ‘Resources’ section of our website. Then bring the sheet, cash and cheques with you on your build day in an envelope. To update the thermometer and scroll on your personal fundraising page, log in and click the “Fundraising” tab. Then, click on “Manage Cash and Cheques” on the left margin. Fill out the name and the amount.

How long do I have to fundraise the $500?

You will have until September 30, 2016 to raise the minimum fundraising amount. While donations received after this date will be graciously accepted, they will not count towards your fundraising total and will not qualify for incentive prizing.

Is it okay if I don’t meet my personal fundraising goal?

As a non-profit organization, we aim to raise as much money as possible to help families in need of affordable housing. Unfortunately, our space is limited to a number of builders per day. To guarantee your spot in the event, an online registration will be required as well as payment of the registration fee with a personal or company credit card. If the minimum fundraising goal of $500.00 is not achieved, the balance will be charged to the registered credit card.

Be fearless! We find that people surprise themselves. Women Build participants come from all walks of life. Young and old, business executives and students alike have found creative ways to raise money. Visit the Resources section of the website for helpful tips on fundraising. If you feel you may not reach your goal, contact us for helpful advice at womenbuild@habitatgta.ca or 416-755-7353 x 233.

Do you provide tax receipts?

Yes. Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area provides tax receipts for all gifts over $20.

Do I have to fundraise if my company or organization is sponsoring the event?

No. As a sponsor of the event, a certain number of build spots have been allocated to your company or organization. This includes the registration fee and minimum fundraising commitment. Check with your team lead for availability and registration instructions.

I can’t log in because I have forgotten my Username or Password.

Please contact us at womenbuild@habitatgta.ca or 416-755-7353 x 233.


Do I get a tax receipt for making a donation?

Yes. Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area provides tax receipts for all gifts over $20. If you require a tax receipt for a gift of less than $20, please contact us at womenbuild@habitatgta.ca.

When will Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area send out tax receipts for Women Build donations?

If you donate online, you’ll receive an electronic tax receipt within 10 minutes. Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area will issue tax receipts for offline donations within 3 months of the gift date with plenty of time to claim the deduction on your income tax return.


How can my company sponsor Women Build?

We are still seeking corporate sponsorship for Women Build 2016, as well as swag for our gift bags and fundraising incentive prizes. We offer great recognition and corporate engagement opportunities. If you think you can help, or would like more information, please contact Emily Delaney at emily.delaney@habitatgta.ca 905.868.4642 x 31.

How can I become a Women Build Ambassador?

Women Build Ambassadors are determined by fundraising and recruitment achievement. Any Women Builder who fundraises a pre-determined amount and/or recruits a pre-determined number of builders who also raise the minimum amount, and any Team Captain who has a pre-determined number of team members who raise the minimum amount will become a Women Build Ambassador. Ambassador status will be automatic when required thresholds are achieved. Women Build Ambassadors will receive special recognition on our Women Build website, a recognition certificate, and advance build shift bookings for Women Build 2017.

How can my company donate construction materials to Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area?

We are always seeking donated construction materials. To donate, please contact Jenn Javier at jenn.javier@habitatgta.ca or 416-455-0883 x 237.

How do I become an Event Assistant volunteer for Women Build?

Event Assistants are needed to help ensure a good build day for our Women Build participants. You can help with registration, lunch, set up, tear down and more. If you are interested in learning more, contact womenbuild@habitatgta.ca or sign up at habitatgta.ca/volunteer, choose ‘Events’ and select the day(s) of your choice.

How can I help promote the Women Build?

You can spread the word by including Women Build in your social media updates, company newsletter, intranet or website. Approach members in your community/school/company newspaper and ask them to highlight your participation in an article. Put posters in your place of work. Encourage your book club, exercise class or faith group to register a team.

Who do I contact for media inquiries?

For media enquiries, more information, photographs and/or videos, contact Joanna Dwyer at joannamdwyer@gmail.com or 416-277-3064