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September 20-23 & 27-29 | 8AM - 4PM | 140 Pinery Trail, TORONTO

Habitat for Humanity GTA calls on women of the city to help combat unsafe and unaffordable housing in their community! Since 2009, Habitat for Humanity GTA Women Build events have rallied together over 5,000 women to raise more than $4 million and help build 85 homes in the GTA.

Approximately 30% of Habitat for Humanity GTA homeowners are single mothers, so Women Build is a fantastic opportunity for women to build, invest, and advocate for safe and decent housing for the city's most vulnerable women. Register today, fundraise $500, and then join us in September to help build at our Pinery Trail site, home to our largest build project ever.

**If you wish to START YOUR OWN TEAM (so you can build with friends), you must go to Start Your Own Team under the TEAMS menu BEFORE you register as an individual. You will NOT be able to start a team after you register as an individual, you will only be able to join an existing team.**

"Women are the real architects of society."
- Harriet Beecher Stowe

Help Us Reach Our Goal!


$700.00 / $400,000.00


  1. Julienne Torres - $270.00
  2. Julie Zabizewski - $50.00
  1. sheBUILDS - $610.00
  2. CAWIC - $50.00